Conditions & Entry Rules


 Each member may submit up to 4 works for hanging

  • Members who submit 3 paintings will be permitted to submit 1 other artwork, not necessarily a painting, provided it can be hung. This to be within their total of 4 works. The committee will still retain the right to refuse submission if deemed unsuitable. Refer to submission form for charge.
  • All work should be original or if copied, attributed. No Gicle prints accepted. We will accept an original fine art print, (not a reproduction).
  • The Committee will reject Needlework or anything considered as a ’craft’ item or in anyway unsuitable.
  • All exhibitors must volunteer to undertake a desk duty
  • All Paintings must be securely framed, taped at the back and ready for hanging with cord attached. The committee will reject poorly framed paintings.
    .Labels must be fixed securely to the back of each work giving,
  • Members Name, Address and Telephone No. along with the Title, Medium and Price.

      Canvases taken round a stretcher and secured at the back will be accepted unframed – unframed canvas boards will not.

Unframed Mounted Works for the Browser

Each member may submit up to 4 works (max value of each works not to exceed £60)

  • These works should be securely mounted and sealed with cellophane or other transparent material. Canvas Boards no thicker than 5 mm will be accepted provided they are mounted and sealed as stated. Canvases not accepted.
  • Labels must be fixed securely to the back of each work giving,
  • Members Name, Address and Telephone No. along with the Title, Medium and Price.


  1. Please submit your entry on line through the website or if you would prefer, you can print the completed entry form and send it to the address at the top of the form. Payment of the appropriate fee can be made through BACs (Yealm Art Society – Acc.No. 01293696 Sorting Code 30-96-68, Ref: Exhibition fee) or by sending a cheque by post to the address at the top of the form.
  2. Late submission forms will not be accepted.
  3. Submissions will be accepted from paid up members only.


  1. All works are to be brought to the hall in Noss Mayo between 4.30pm and 5.30pm only.
  2. Display of works will be under-taken by the Committee.
  3. Details of entries will be compiled from the information given on the submission form.
  4. It will not be possible to process late submission forms or work.
  5. For each work sold a total commission of 15% will be retained by the Society a percentage of this will be donated to this year’s charity.
    No commission will be taken on any cards sold.
  6. Payment to artists for work sold will be made as soon after the Exhibition as practicable.
  7. The Society will take every precaution to ensure protection of the exhibits.
    However, members are advised to insure their own works against theft or damage as the society will not be responsible for any mishaps.



To ensure artwork is collected by the rightful owner and to avoid damage, only Committee Members will be allowed to retrieve artwork.

  • Collection of works will not be possible until 4.30pm.
  • When the exhibition closes everyone (visitors and members) will be required to leave the hall so the Committee can safely remove the artwork from the boards and make ready for collection.
  • Purchasers can collect paintings on presentation of a receipt.
  • All artwork, sold or unsold must be collected at the published time. If you cannot collect your work, please arrange for someone else to do so. The Committee will not be responsible for uncollected works.


Where are we based

Villages around the River Yealm, in the South Hams

Privacy Policy

Regular Events

Paint together sessions
Mondays 10am - 1pm in the Parish Room, Yealmpton
Mondays 1pm - 4pm in the Parish Room, Yealmpton
Thursdays 10.00am - 1.00pm in The Revelstoke Room, Village Hall, Noss Mayo.