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Shown below are detail thumbnails of each artwork – click on the image to see the full artwork.

Roberta Blackler

I create my artwork using watercolour, pastels, acrylics and oils, the subject dictates my choice. I take part in three or four exhibitions a year and take on commissions in between. . Inspiration hits me full on every time I wander the cliffs and beaches around my home, Wembury – my ‘ideas’ drawer is overflowing!

Sue Denny

I am an amateur artist living in Devon between the sea and the moor, both are a constant source of inspiration and frequently feature in my artwork. I paint mainly in oils or acrylics, but enjoy experimenting with other mediums from time to time. I have been a member of the Yealm Art Society for many years and regularly exhibit in their exhibitions and pop-up sales.

Lin Forrester

I took up painting later in life, joining local painting courses and workshops. Living in Newton Ferrers for many years, I am inspired by the scenes of local river life and my paintings are predominantly of the boats and landscape of the River Yealm Estuary and coastal seascapes. I have been a member of the Yealm Art Society for many years and regularly exhibit in the Easter Exhibition, I have also exhibited in the local RNLI exhibitions.


Jane Gent

I have always enjoyed painting and drawing since taking Art ‘A’ level at school. I began painting in watercolour but since joining the Yealm  Art Society I have begun to use different mediums including pastels, acrylics and oils. I like to experiment with different subjects and styles but my favourite paintings are of local landscapes.

Pammie Hall

I live on a farm near Ivybridge but my parents lived in Newton Ferrers for many years,here I came to love painting seascapes, river and moor pictures.
I work mainly in acrylic and oil but enjoy pastel and watercolours, my style is fairly loose working with a pallet knife being my favourite tool.
Since joining the Yealm Art Society I have benefited so much from the help and ideas of other members,giving me the incentive to keep painting.

Teresa Henning

Inspired, through art and writing, to reflect on the beautiful and fragile environment of the South Hams.

Louise Holman

I am interested in Abstract Art preferring to work from observation but then presenting my own ideas & feelings for a place through layers and textures 

that pull away from the original representational reference points.
My work is generally based on a local Devon landscape or seascape where the original form has been simplified. 

Regular use of geometric shapes or gestural marks is also commonplace, giving me the freedom to create work without any set boundaries.




Naomi Hulatt

I first joined the YAS just over a year ago. What an amazing community. I’ve made lifelong friends, have laughed a lot and cried a little.
Since joining, with the unwavering support of my YAS friends, my art has grown so much. From complete amateur, the group has nurtured my skills and confidence to the point that I have started exhibiting far and wide!
This month I was delighted to have my “scruffy terrier” accepted for the Royal Cambrian Academy Open Exhibition Conwy from 7 Jan- 25th February 2023, and my “Wind it Bloweth Every Day” to the Penlee Inspired Exhibition in the Penlee Gallery Penzance 18 January-22 April 2023.
I feel so blessed to have such wonderful and inspiring artists to paint with at YAS every Monday morning-I know I couldn’t have done any of this without you guys!



Angela Macpherson

I took up painting when I retired and have found it very rewarding as well as sometimes frustrating. I enjoy painting with other who help to give me inspiration as well as guidance! I have tried working in most painting mediums and have also worked with mosaics, felting and textiles.


Judith Mears

Painting in oils and acrylics has been my hobby for sometime. My work is inspired by wonderful scenery, cloud formations and different light effects both here in Devon and Pembrokeshire. I can attribute my continuing interest to the encouragement of the Yealm Art Society and the workshops I have attended. My work has been exhibited locally and I have accepted several commissions

Gulnara Bek-Mukhamed

Painting began as a hobby and now it is my biggest interest in life. I enjoy experimenting with various media and get my inspiration from the beauty of nature around me. I like studying various textures, ways of painting glass or metal or fur, it is a pure joy to depict waves, boats, clouds, trees, reflections and light and shadows. I sketch all the time, and like outdoor painting sessions on my own or with like-minded friends.

Debbie Murphy

Maggie Nicholls

I am an artist living in Devon surrounded by beautiful countryside and coastline which gives me inspiration for  my artwork.  I like to paint dramatic and vibrant seascapes with movement. I like the viewer to feel the motion and the intensity of the subject. Another area of my work is to observe and explore nature’s designs and create colouful energised inventive paintings combining abstract emphasis with traditional realism structures of shapes and forms.

Chris Pagdin

From an early interest in photographing reflections of water, Chris moved to oil paintings mainly capturing the interplay between reflections and seeing into the water. Since moving to Devon Chris has particularly focussed on paintings of the Yealm and Wembury Bay. You can see more of Chris’s art at 

Lynda Pynn

I have practiced art since childhood and with the exception of a series of art courses in adulthood, I am mostly self taught. I created pen and ink architectural renderings for different firms before the introduction of computer renderings and did many commissioned works for individual clients. Today I paint mostly with acrylics but also gauche, water colours and pen and ink. 



Ann Rayner

Peter Taylor

I took up painting nearly two years ago when the Covid 19 shut down started.  After one session at Yealmpton with Tony Hogan I bought a load of Atelier Acrylic tubes and that is the only media I know.  It’s kind to the artist as it stays wet longer and allows a fair amount of cheating.   Most of my work is done from photos which I have taken myself with a painting in mind.  Other peoples pictures are off limits !

Perhaps it is time for another lesson.  However I am not good as a student and have to learn a little bit at a time………..mostly by mistake.

Chris Tullett

Emma Wright

My background is in textiles, many years ago supplying agents selling fashion textile print in London, New York and Hong Kong. I have recently decided to focus on my art leaving a teaching career , having taught art graphics and photography up to A level for 28 years! My work is a mixture of paint and print inspired by the sea. I am interested in layers, light, mark making, the feeling of a place.

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